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  Study Aid for PMP Exam: Memorize PMBOK Processes

Today I'm sharing a good study aid for the PMP exam that will make learning PMBOK Guide project management processes fun. The tool was originally created by Eduardo Justo and later adapted to PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition by Chandra Nanduri, PMP. I tried my hands at it. In my opinion, it's a good concept, pretty neatly designed and quite useful if you are just starting your preparation. It helps you to learn the process names, their descriptions, and which knowledge area and process group each process belongs to. It presents the information in multiple formats to help get your mind around the processes. I think the concept can be adapted further to include process inputs, tools & techniques and outputs (ITTOs) as well.

A word of caution: The tool is good for beginners and will make learning fun for the first few weeks. But, simply memorizing the process names and descriptions is not going to help you pass the PMP exam. You need to have a good in-depth understanding of all 42 project management processes, and their ITTOs.

Give it a try and share your feedback.
Study Aid for PMP Exam: Memorize PMBOK Processes


  1. This is an excellent material for a beginner who wants to take up PMP exam. But ofcourse one should understand all the 42 processes and just memorizing will not help out really. Thanks

  2. Is this an excel only application, cannot get it to work in Open Office


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