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  Do Project Management Certifications Matter?

Here's an excellent article on Network World analyzing the importance of Project Management certifications. The key messages in this article are:
  • Employers are putting more and more importance to Project Management certifications.

  • Clients are demanding certified project managers to work on their projects. This is leading to a greater demand for certified project managers.

  • Earning a project management certification does not necessarily make one a better project manager.

  • A Project Management certification does demonstrate that you understand and speak project management language and it increases your chances of delivering a successful project.

  • Employing a certified project manager on a project does not automatically guarantee a successful project.

  • Certified project managers tend to be rated higher than their non-certified counterparts, in project evaluation.

  • According to PMI's salary survey, project managers who hold the PMP certification earn an average of 9.4 percent more than non-certified project managers.

Read the full story here:
Why Project Management Certifications Matter


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