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  PMP Exam Lessons Learned by Vikas Jain (Passed Dec 31, 2009)

Posted by Vikas Jain (unedited):
Dear Friends,
I passed the exam in the first attempt. The exam is not too tough , not too many wordy questions. Infact one can expect many 1 line questions. Only the thing, they test your concepts really well in the exam. Give good attention to professional responsibility section and try to practice as many questions as possible.., Though this section seemingly easy, the questions can be tricky and testing you between different values of pmi like between responsibility and respect .., between loyalty to your company and ethical responsibility etc.. One of the most useful resource for PMP prep is Harwinder Bhatia's blog: Deep Fried Brain PMP Blog Before the exam, you can take the following free mock exams: effectivepmc exam: effectivepmc 200 question simulated exam is a high quality test, complexity level is close or slightly more than the real exam and very good for the preparation. Their 3 daily questions is a good source of practice too. Also, effectivepmc faculty is very helpful. They had provided very invaluable tips for the exam on G-Talk. Other Good free exams- Headfirst exam: pmstudy exam: Headfirst and pmstudy exams are close to real exam from the point of view of format(length of questions) and complextity Two of the most important chapters from exam point of view are Quality and Risk, so make sure to have very good command over these.. It is helpful for the exam if one could understand all the ITTOs and remember also, since many questions may be related with ITTOs, it would help in saving some time while answering the questions if you have remembered them. One good link for practicing ITTOs: For the study, it would be good if you can form an study group. It would help in beating procrastination, maintaining a schedule and create synergy while studying / discussing jointly. I got support from many PMP aspirants while preparing, the list is long, I would like to express my thanks to all for the discussions and the tips Also thanks to Fai and Don for creating pmp exam forums, which are of good help to the aspirants. Many people write in their L-Ls as they were the silent members of the group and passed the exam.., my suggestion to everyone is, do not remain a silent member of the forum and contribute/share as much as possible since if everybody would remain silent member then the forum would lose its meaning. Wish you all the best for the prep


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