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  Mind Map: Project Management Processes by Process Groups (PMBOK Guide, 4th Ed)

Last week I shared a very good Mind Map on PMBOK Processes that was based on PMBOK Guide, Third Edition. In response to that post, Babou from Leadership Champions shared his own Mind Map for Project Management Processes organized by Process Groups that is in fact based on PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition. Here's a link to the Mind Map:
Project Management Processes by Process Groups (PMBOK Guide, 4th Ed)


  1. I can't open the link (I tried IE and Firefox...)

  2. this link works fine :


  3. I found the earlier link I shared is not showing export options. Instead you can use the direct URL link: This enables users to export.

  4. Thanks, Centrino and Babou. I've fixed the link.

  5. Hello, great idea and really nice mindmap, i will use it as really good reminder with my project team :)

    I cannot export it in mindmeister, is it normal ? can you attach a file or an hyperlink to the central topic to save it and use in mindmanager ? thanks

  6. Hi All,

    I feel people are finding it difficult to download/view MindMap from mindmeister. So I uploaded FreeMind version (.mm extension) of this file in

    Other Mind Map Software like Buzan iMindMap or MindJet MindManager gives ability to import FreeMind files.


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