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  PMBOK Guide Processes Mind Map

PMP aspirants are increasingly using Mind Maps for their exam preparation. I came across a very elaborate Mind Map (created using MindMeister) that covers all processes in the PMBOK Guide along with their Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs (ITTOs). Unfortunately, it's a bit outdated in that it's based on PMBOK Guide, Third Edition. I'm sharing it to highlight the possibilities.

I wish someone can download it, re-import it as a new Mind Map and update it to align with PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition. It could be elaborated further to include descriptions of each ITTO. Take a look at it and see how you can use it.
PMBOK Guide Processes Mind Map

Update 1/1/2011: Worried about ITTOs for the PMP exam? Check out:

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  1. I have one prepared just with ITTO (not much descriptions or relations) with PMBOK Guide Fourth Edition. Let me share in the same site.

  2. As I told earlier, I uploaded the mind map here -

  3. Hello Babou,

    Thanks for uploading the Mind Map. I'm sure it will come-in very handy for people preparing for the PMP Exam. I'm going to share it as today's tip.

    I'm a regular reader of your blog and appreciate the great work you are doing.

    Do stop by whenever you can and add your inputs, tips, and suggestions.


  4. Hi,
    Just I would like to share with you PMP mind map & PMP ITTO based on PMP Book 4th Edition.

    I used them and they are helpful.

    Good luck for everyone :)

  5. Your map is same as

    How I can download your map?


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